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What are these geological horizontal lines formed on this mountain called and why they are formed?

Just to add on this point from the comments: But this mount is the only mouth with this kind of formation in local mountain range First, the image on the mountain's Wikipedia page clearly shows that ...
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If dinosaurs lived in cities, would we be able to find traces?

"Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack." That said, there is no evidence of any intelligent civilization prior to humanity. If dinosaurs, or for that matter, some other species, had ...
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Mud cracks formation

Mud cracks are created at the surface of mud, as the name implies. Afterwards, due to burial processes, younger sediments may fill in the cracks. Later, the mud-cracked-with-infilled-sediments system ...
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If dinosaurs lived in cities, would we be able to find traces?

We found many dinosaur fossil tracks around the world, and they all have one thing in common: they are tracks of bare feet. We invented shoes about 10,000 years ago, a few millennia before building ...
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How does a sepiolite deposit form?

Perhaps I am completely wrong, this is kindof a guess: Sepiolite happens in clay regions like those produced by ice age glacial activity from orogeny. If there are great lakes with high clay contents, ...
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