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Why does the camera do this and what does the sky really look like around 87,000 ft altitude?

The footage turns blue because the camera adjusts its settings to the darker part. It probably raised the ISO and/or the exposure time to capture more light. This results in a brighter picture. This ...
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How does the influence of clouds on climate vary with height?

There are a few things that come into play when you talk about the radiative forcing of clouds, or their effect on the climate budget. "Cloud" is a pretty wide-sweeping definition. Scientists are ...
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What kind of clouds did Joseph Kittinger see at 102,000 ft?

One possibility is nacreous clouds, very thin clouds likely made of water ice condensed on fine particles carried into the stratosphere. The reported altitude would be at the edge of the range quoted ...
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How to estimate altitude of tropopause of other planets?

The existence, and accordingly the height, of a tropopause depends on whether the other planets' atmosphere has a layer of ozone or any other gas that absorbs some part of incoming solar radiation ...
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Other than the South Pole where is the windless place on Earth?

Truth be told, there is no such place. The atmosphere is a fluid, and a fluid moves. If a fluid did not move, it would not be a fluid. Proof of concept- If you exhale, the carbon dioxide, water vapor,...
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Stratosphere height vs. Temperature based on ozone concentration

There are two main points to make here. The first point is that UV radiation is entering the stratosphere from above (ignoring angular dependencies and scattering), so is preferentially absorbed by ...
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Why is ozone layer so important when oxygen atoms absorb UV Rays?

Why is ozone layer so important when oxygen atoms absorb UV Rays? The cross section of ozone to UV radiation is many, many orders of magnitude higher than is the cross section of $\text O_2$ to UV ...
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Why is the isothermal layer being considered a part of the stratosphere rather than the troposphere or being an independent layer?

This is simply because of the way that the troposphere is defined and the fact that isothermal layers are of constant temperature. The troposphere has one defining characteristic; the air temperature ...
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How to measure voltage differential across different altitudes

How could you measure the voltage between those to points? I imagine you could measure the potential difference using weather balloons. Send one balloon up to 10,000 ft (Balloon A) and one to 20,000 ...
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Other than the South Pole where is the windless place on Earth?

Not just the south pole, but 'Ridge A' and many other parts of the high Antarctic Plateau, at or about 4000 metres altitude, are generally recognized as being the least windy. Otherwise, there are a ...
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How does the air-circulation in the lower stratosphere look like?

This presentation mentions "Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs)", and specifically mentions a number of AMVs, which separately cover the globe (GOES AMVs ±60N, plus polar AMVs from MODIS/AVHRR/VIIRS, ...
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