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As a student in petrology, I would say first you need to know if you gonna cut one thin slice out of this stone/rock, and this is usually how we identify an unknown rock. If so, you can refer to “A Key for Identification of Rock-Forming Minerals in Thin Section” by Andrew J. Barker to get a formal rock identification by observing thin section under optical ...


Is there such a reliable source so I can identify the stones by myself? Maybe. Most semi-precious stones are various forms of quartz or silica (e.g., agate, citrine, etc). Quartz is very hard and will scratch glass. It is hard to scratch quartz. Therefore, this is a non-destructive way for identification of quartz. It usually takes a really good polish ...

-1 - * my fav as an avid rockhound/gem junkie TreasureNet is cool - you send pic (good) in app and the guy returns PDQ *p.s. --- dont forget *specific gravity test

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