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Thermohaline: Why is cold and dense seawater salty when warm water holds more dissolved salts?

Warm water does hold more salt - at saturation, but seawater isn't even close to saturation. Surface sea water gets warm, starts to evaporate (hence clouds) and therefore gets denser. So it sinks to ...
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Change in thermohaline circulation due to climate change

Climate models predict that under the influence of anthropogenic warming, the AMOC will decline during this century at a rate between 0 and 0.9 Sv per decade (1 Sv = 1 Mio. m3 s−1) ...
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Thermohaline: Why is cold and dense seawater salty when warm water holds more dissolved salts?

Usual salinity and solubility of NaCl An usual salinity in the world's major oceans is 35 g/kg. The solubility of sodium chloride in water is around 360 g/kg (Sodium Chloride, Solubility in water). ...
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Collapse of the AMOC - effects

Essentially, its bad news for Europe and North America (and the rest of the world). The AMOC transports warm water from the equator up towards the North pole and cold waters from the north pole ...
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Can a collapse of the AMOC lead to suboxic conditions?

To cite Bryam Orihuela-Pinto et al. You will see that the collaps of the amoc changes Wind pattern and the heat structure of the oceans. These two factors, along with salinity, are the most important ...
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Is CO2 in the Pacific Ocean depleted or enriched in Carbon-13 compared to the Atlantic, and why?

"The decrease in δ13C as water flows from the Atlantic to the North Pacific is due mainly to the addition of organically produced material and its subsequent oxidation as it falls through the ...
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Is the gulf stream both a wind-driven current and part of thermohaline circulation?

Yes.Thermohaline circulation is dependent on differences in water density, caused by differences in temperature and salinity between different bodies of water. It therefore requires deepwater areas, ...
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