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Can a "Major Lunar Standstill" cause one-day high tides as described in the Jakarta article? Possibly "fake news", but very possibly yes. The possibly "fake news" part first: The next major lunar standstill will be in late 2024 / early 2025. The most recent minor lunar standstill was in 2015. There is no lunar standstill, major ...


I actually just found an article that explains such a calculation in detail, using a matrix propagator method: Padovan et al. 2018 This is a calculation for gas giants or bodies in hydrostatic equilibrium. The calculation of the Love numbers for terrestrial planets that have viscoelastic behaviour requires the rheology (which includes models for the rigidity)...


The second part of the question is easy to answer - given that the Arctic has been ice free in relatively recent geological history, e.g. in the Mesozoic, and it is expected to be ice free in summer within a few decades as a result of global warming, positing a habitable planet where polar oceans are navigable, at least in summer seems fairly safe.

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