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One book "Introduction to Wildland fire" by Stephen J. Andrews The area burned in California has declined over 80% since Europeans arrived. And that’s not necessarily a good thing. Prehistoric annual average acres burned: 4,447,897. 2010-2019 average acres burned: 775,325. Xeric climate ecosystems that depend on periodic fires are essential to ...


The Accumulation of organic detritus begins when a structure is abandoned or poorly maintained. Plants that thrive without soil (epiphytes, lithophytes) are often the first generation of plants. As they die, new ones take their place and the first layer of accumulated biomass builds to accommodate more sophisticated plants grow in this medium


The precise reasons for leaf shedding after monsoon aren't well known and studied, but there are vague reasons like optimising use of light and warmth for max photosynthetic gain. So the tree has a heavy load of leaves to grow fast in monsoon, and it fast depletes the groundwater if it keeps the leaves in the dry season. read the conclusion here: https://...

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