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Why are these U-shaped bodies of water frequent near Kura river?

They look like oxbow lakes. Some meander scars (crescent-shaped, but dry) are also visible. Here is an excerpt of the "OXBOW" entry in Encyclopedia of Geomorphology (2013): An abandoned ...
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How much water does the Earth contain?

The accompanying text to the second image states "The second place is occupied by the mass of invisible water in the earth's crust and partly in the mantle. Here it contains about 1300 million kmĀ³...
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How do you estimate the depth of a lake?

You may as well ask if you stand on the coast of east Africa, the Arabian peninsular, Iran, west coast of India, or the southern tip of India, the west coast of Sumatra, the east coast of Madagascar, ...
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How fast can water erode stone?

In short, it depends on the type of stone, the energy of impact of the water and for how long water is applied with such an energy of impact. A weak stone such as sandstone will erode more quickly ...
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How do you estimate the depth of a lake?

IF (a big if) you can see enough local topography to estimate the underwater slopes, you can get some likely bounds. If the lake had filled yesterday, projecting the slopes on either side until they ...
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