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Actually it does. But the thermo-haline cycle of cold water and upwelling mixes that water around. In stagnant stand, the salt will accumulate on the bottom. But ocean currents and the rise and fall of varying temperature water flushes that salt and moves it around.


Agricultural water is largely Fossil Water, that water took tens of thousands of years to accumulate and industrial activities have used it in a century. Saudi Arabia is abandoning programs to grow wheat that achieved self-sufficiency but depleted the desert kingdom's scarce water supplies. Going from the 4th largest exporter to NO more. Rain must regnerate ...


There's no reliable evidence indicating hydroponics are less nutritious than soil grown crops. Because organic and inorganic techniques are applicable for hydroponics, any attempt to dismiss nutritional value requires analysis of the individual plant and the methods grown. Second Hydroponics isn't widely adopted agricultural method; it is however adopted ...


In the USA there are two classifications of airborne pollutants. They are Criteria Air Pollutants There are 6 separate air pollutants. These make the bulk of the regulation, especially for the Clean Air Act. Each pollutant has different standards to adhere to. Examples include lead, ozone, and particulate matter. Hazardous Air pollutants This is a list ...

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