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The "feels like" value is calculated based on temperature, but altered depending on wind (cold temperatures) or humidity (hot temperatures). Think of it this way: 1) if it's freezing cold outside, the wind will make if seem even colder because any body heat you have will be blown away quickly. 2) if it's hot outside, high humidity will make it seem even ...


The forecast hour of the product is the hour after the model cycle runtime that the forecast is valid at. For example, if the the cycle runtime is 12Z and the forecast hour is 9, then the the forecast is valid for 21Z. If the cycle runtime is 6Z and the forecast hour is 48, then the forecast is valid at 6Z two days later.


There is a parameter ice water mixing ratio in the gfs.t<hour>z.pgrb2.0p25.f<step> file given at isobaric levels.


This is a topic of almost continual discussion in the South China Morning Post, , an English language newspaper in Hong Kong. This is both because air quality is a major problem in China (but one to which they are paying a good deal of attention) and because massive economic interruptions are relatively frequent. The Olympics were a big one, ...

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