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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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The level of water vapor in the atmosphere. Use this tag for questions about either relative or specific humidity.
× 38
Questions regarding the magnetic field emanating from Earth's interior.
× 36
concerned with the formation of deserts (areas receiving very little precipitation) and processes occurring specifically within deserts
× 34
The process of translating spatially organized knowledge of an area or place into a geographic medium. Can include the production of physical/paper maps and atlases, geocoded data, or interactive virt…
× 33
The cultivation of food and materials, specifically from or derived from plants and animals using traditional or modern industrial practices.
× 32
The Weather Research & Forecasting Model
× 32
questions relating to the arrangement of atoms in solids, such as the ways in which crystal structure influence material properties, or suitable analytical methods e.g. X-ray diffraction and microscop…
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Use when looking for software
× 31
For questions that relate to Earth's natural satellite.
× 30
the study of rock strata and their intrepretation in term of absolute or relative age.
× 29
concerning rocks and processes relating to the cooling and solidification of magma, typically involving temperatures above approximately 800 degrees Celsius for at least some of the rock's history
× 29
is used for questions about processes that are unlikely to occur, but which may act as useful thought experiments and provide general insight into the processes in question.
× 28
Questions of[petroleum][5] origin, [history] [1], & methods of production. Examples of [formations] [3]/deposits this is to include [mapping] [4]. Application i:e development of petroleum based prod…
× 28
Questions related to ice ages, including causes, conditions, and evidence.