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Questions related to ice ages, including causes, conditions, and evidence.
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Questions relating to natural events such as severe weather events or seismic events that can result in the loss of life and/or significant or large scale destruction of natural or human environments.
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a major component of the Earth's hydrocycle and biosphere. It has significant impacts on the atmosphere and climate.
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Questions that intersects astronomy with Earth Sciences. For pure astronomy please refer to the Astronomy Stack Exchange.
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a series of waves that occur right after the displacement of a large amount of water. Use this tag for questions about tsunamis, why they happen, and how they occur.
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Questions about glaciations, glacial periods or ice ages. Including the evidence of their existence, the conditions during such periods and the causes.
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[ice-sheets] concerns questions on the large present and past continental scale ice sheets, such as Antarctica, Greenland, the Laurentide, Fennoscandian and Alpine ice sheets.
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The El Niño Southern Oscillation, including El Niño and La Ninã
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Questions referring to the amount of salt in a body of water such as oceans.
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A weather event that's significantly outside the norm for its time and place