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Acid rain is a rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually acidic, meaning that it possesses elevated levels of hydrogen ions (low pH). It can have harmful effects on plants, aquatic ani…
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The cultivation of food and materials, specifically from or derived from plants and animals using traditional or modern industrial practices.
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Air pollution is the introduction of particulates, biological molecules, or other harmful materials into Earth's atmosphere, causing diseases, allergies, death to humans, damage to other living organi…
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Air pollution is a major issue these days and we can prevent the side-effects by checking the Air Quality in the surroundings and take some preventive measures.
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For questions pertaining to land and waters above 60 degrees North.
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Asphalt lakes are tar pits that form when a type of petroleum called bitumen is forced from underground up to the Earth's surface. Usually occurring along fault lines, the bitumen pools at the surface…
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Questions that intersects astronomy with Earth Sciences. For pure astronomy please refer to the Astronomy Stack Exchange.
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The gaseous envelope surrounding the *Earth*, and retained by the Earth's gravitational field. If your question is about the atmosphere on another celestial body or is more astronomy related, please a…
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For questions that concern the topographic characteristics or landforms present on the floor of lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.
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Concerning the processes by which living organisms produce minerals, in addition to questions about types of mineral and advantages/disadvantages of so doing.
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