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Movement of the Prime/Greenwich Meridian
8 votes

Remember it is just an imaginary line on the Earth's surface used for georeferencing purposes, so movement of the reference line has no implications so long as we can still reference to it (hence the ...

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Was the Earth's sea-level significantly lower in ancient times?
5 votes

There are several questions here, I'm only focusing on the question regarding sea level in the past as per the title question. In short, global mean sea level (GMSL) has been both lower and higher ...

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Why was the sky SO yellow?
3 votes

In this case I'd say it's a combination of Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering and the angle of the sun. Rayleigh scattering is related to the chemical composition of the atmosphere and occurs when ...

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What is the definition of "ground-up shell"?
2 votes

I'm not sure this is the best place to ask. Ground-up shell means just that - shells that have been ground (reduced to small particles or powder by crushing it). Shell tempering is one of the ...

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Why a stratus cloud does not always reach all the way to the ground?
Accepted answer
2 votes

I'd postulate that this is purely temperature-driven. If the dew point temperature of your 'empty' layer is not reached then the water vapour will not condense to form fog. Do you observe the ...

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Do solar storms affect Earth's weather?
1 votes

Those charged particles you mention are not created by any kind of interaction with the Earth, but rather the term solar storm is used to refer to the temporary disturbance of Earth's magnetic field ...

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