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I'm a self-employed programmer with far too much interest in learning new things that I'll probably never have chance to use in real life.

My day job consists of pulling data from a database, displaying it on a window, waiting for the user to make some edits and then saving the data back into the database. Sound familiar? If I'm lucky, I get to generate a report or send an email along the way. Pardon me while I yawn.

My out-of-work activities involve trying to get my head around the sort of stuff I'd really like to do for a job, like machine learning, natural algorithms and so on. I dabble in these, occasionally post some ramblings on my blog (that no-one reads, so I can post what I like). I'm a huge fan of Linq, and have been trying to expand my horizons by learning some less C-like languages, such as Racket (LISP) and F#.

Out of work hours, I like tickling my children (I have lots to tickle!), growing carnivorous plants and studying ancient legal texts.

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Aug 28, 2017