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What causes dye to bleed from an agate stone?
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Dyeing agate is a common practice- the stone is real, but it's been cosmetically altered. The stone gets soaked in a chemical solution, which is absorbed into the microscopic pores in the stone. ...

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Why would channelizing a river reduce any nearby wetlands?
2 votes

Channelizing a river keeps it from overflowing its banks as often, which prevents flooding. However, wetlands need a certain degree of said flooding to function as a biome.

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Introduction to Geology Books
1 votes

I highly recommend "The Story of Earth", by Robert M. Hazen. The title sounds like a children's book, but it's actually a very good starting place for learning about historical geology, ...

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How do you infer what a cross section might look like below sea level?
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I would say it's reasonable to infer that the strata stay at roughly the same dip angle and thickness in areas not directly visible on the chart you're using.

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Water on Mars and Earth
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The loss of liquid water on Mars was also due to the planet losing its magnetosphere. During the Hesperian period (about 3500 mya) the iron core stopped rotating fast enough to create a planet-wide ...

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