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How are thermals really released?
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I fly too, so I have first hand experience with movement of air below 13000 feet (Cessna 172). I have my simple version: in an otherwise calm weather a thermal has three stages which looked from ...

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Why isn't the side of the earth facing the sun completely illuminated by sunlight from the north to the south pole every day of the year?
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The sun does actually illuminate the earth with a disk a bit larger than if it would be a point light source. But that extra Halo which is generated by say a ray coming off the most easterly point ...

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How would waves (in a fluid) behave without intermolecular attraction?
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There are different factors that make water a media for waves. For transversal waves the viscosity and cohesion of molecules are essential. Even if the water is assumed not to evaporate. Try to ...

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Does a mountain top have higher gravity than a nearby sea-level surface?
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The most effective geometry for gravity is a sphere. Mountain top is farther from center of earth and the density of basalt or granite is less than the mantle or the earth core. Imagine an oblong ...

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