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Is there any simple way of using the Coriolis effect to determine what hemisphere you are in?
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You can use the Foucault pendulum to determine the hemisphere: Its plane of movement rotates: anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere; clockwise in the northern hemisphere. The rotation of the ...

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Is climate chaotic?
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One problem here is the defition of chaos. In the mathematical theory of dynamical systems, a system is chaotic if it contains both dense and periodic points. This is somewhat different from what one ...

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What does the notation "kg kg-1" for units mean for specific humidity
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The basic idea is that by mentioning $\mathrm{kg}\, \mathrm{kg}^{-1}$ you make it clear that you measure the weight. You can think of it as $$ 0.01\, \mathrm{kg}\, \mathrm{kg}^{-1} = 1\, \mathrm{wt.}\...

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Why are there no crystals with 5-fold symmetry?
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Your question is much more complicated from mathematical point of view than it seems to be. First, I'll start with a nice photo: (source: Wikipedia). What you see is really a photo and it is almost a ...

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