I have data from the national storm prediction center that is marked with values of : elat slat elon slon

`slat        slon        elat        elon
`31.6671    -90.9352    31.6998     -90.8813

What do those values mean?
What does the "s" & "e" prefix stand for?


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This might be product specific, but if it's anything like my MODIS experience this refers to start and end latitude and longitude. Are you looking at a small region on the Mississippi/Louisiana border?

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    – raddevus
    Sep 12, 2019 at 15:09

Oh, I think I finally figured out what those values are.

The data is tornado data and I believe the slat, slon are Start locations (of the tornado) and the elat, elon are End locations for the tornado.

This only became apparent when I added those locations to a Google map and saw the distances.

Here is a map with the two locations on it (obviously the path is a driving path and not path of tornado, but it shows the distance).


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