Mixed space-time domain formulation of the energy cycle

(Where can I know) How these formulae in the figure (Ulbrich and Speth, 1991), called mixed space-time domain formulation of the energy cycle, were deduced?

And the reference Arpe et al. (1986), I can not find it on internet, could anyone find it?

Arpe, K., Brancovic, C., Oriol, E., Speth, P., 1986: Variability in time and space of energetics from a long series of atmospheric data produced by ECMWF. Beitr. Phys. Atmos., 59, 321-363.

U. Ulbrich and P. Speth, 1991: The global energy cycle of stationary and trasient atmospheric wave: results from ECMWF anayses. Meteorol. Atmos. Phys. 45, 125-138.



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