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Ground-based reference measurements to aid remote sensing for Earth science

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What are all those "spots" on the Mediterranean Sea floor?

This is the location. It is close to the French coast.
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What are these underwater structures near 6°N 85°55'W

While google earth-researching the sea floor near Malpelo and Cocos Islands (Colombian and Costa Rican Pacific Ocean), I came along these strangely geometrical structures in the sea floor, located ...
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Glowing Orange lakes seen from airplane at night

I recently observed a phenomenon during a nighttime flight over upper Midwest of USA-specifically over Marquette, MI. In what is a lightly populated area, I observed several very large rectangular ...
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Is this a former volcano in the Hamad Plateau, in the Syrian desert?

On my random explorations of google maps, I came across this interesting terrain: (link to map here) Apparently, this is part of the so-called Hamad Plateau, in the Syrian desert. If so, the rock ...
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Odd Inuksuk-like objects

I found some huge objects that are way too big to be inuksuks, in my opinion. The object on the right is very odd because the arms are not straight like they are in most images of inuksuks. and ...
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