25°37'32.38"N - latitude 36°44'27.66"E - longitude

This is between Umluj and Al Wajh on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. I can't find any kind of identification in English or Arabic.

So I am looking for the name and the category of this body of water and landform. To me, it seems to resemble a coral reef, but there are some islands.


The area you describe looks like the following (from Google Maps):

enter image description here

According to the World Atlas of Coral Reefs, a picture of this very reef appears on page 240. The caption for it describes the feature as being the Al Wadj Bank and consisting of fringe and barrier reefs.

There has been a relatively recent study of coral reefs along the Saudi Arabian Red Sea coast, of particular emphasis on reefs between the cities of Haql and Yanbu, published in the paper The Present Status of the Red Sea Coral Reefs between Haql and Yanbu, Saudi Arabia (Hariri, 2012). In the article, they describe that in terms of Red Sea reefs:

  • Island fringing reefs exist between the Al Wajh Bank to Umluj
  • Reticulate patch reefs, composed of interconnected networks of reef matrix separated by sand also are documented to occur in the area.

The literature seems to use both Al Wajh and Al Wadj for the spelling.


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