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Create my own timeline by collating data from different research

I'm researching various paleo-events (climate, geomorphology, etc) from different articles. I would in turn like to collate the findings into one comprehensive timeline. Example: I have articles ...
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MATLAB - How to plot multiple timeseries (paleoclimate) with a common x axis and multiple stacked y axes?

I'm trying to create figures in MatLab and am a reasonably new user, I'm wondering if there is a good way to make plots that use a common x-axis and then vertically stacked and alternating y-axes as ...
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Where did all the CO₂ come from that was deposited as coal during the Carboniferous?

During the Carboniferous, vast deposits of coal (or peat at that time) were created because – as far as I understand – decomposition of wood (white rot?) was not yet "invented" at that time. This ...
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3 votes
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Has the Average Volume of Volcanic Emissions Been Constant Since the Last Major Fluctuation?

Are total volcanic emissions worldwide constant, or do they rise and fall? We know there are large fluctuations on a scale of tens of millions of years, but is the total volume of emissions stable on ...
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Why was the temperature change greater in higher latitudes than in lower latitudes during the Paleocene/Eocene thermal maximum?

In the "Plankton cooled a greenhouse", which is the article written by Birger Schmitz, it is stated that the subtropical regions became warmer during the PETM(Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum) but the ...
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Ice cores: how is Oxygen-18 isotopic variation converted to temperature changes?

The Dansgaard paper I've seen shows a roughly linear relationship between the delta-O18 in precipitation and mean annual temperature (at a given location). See Figure 3 in the paper. When converting ...
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