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Do "aerosol shields" protect big emitters from the impact of their own GHGs?

Your general line of thinking is correct. However, here are a few things that make the whole concept somewhat more complicated: It is widely accepted that the general tendency of "global dimming&...
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How to estimate the settling time of atmospheric particulates as a function of aerodynamic size?

I took a class once, and we had an approximate equation for an particle (equation sheet is still up): $$\frac{d\vec{v}}{dt}=\frac{\rho_{particle}-\rho_{air}}{\rho_{particle}}\vec{g}-\frac{3\rho_{air}...
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How far downwind of a covid-19 emitter has a 1000-fold reduction in PPM?

As I said in my comment, viruses aren't my area (concerning units). But the answer is actually unitless. The exact answer you seek is dependent on a couple of different variables: The speed of the ...
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How does a volcanic eruption cool the planet's surface?

What I'm interested in is how exactly this cooling happens. Which is correct: the atmosphere is experiencing a deficit of input energy, or the surface is experiencing a deficit of input energy, which ...
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Aerosol injections to manage European heatwaves?

My question was naïve to the weather dynamics —so the answer is technical: the heat is on the ground, not in the stratosphere. So there are two things, infrared deflection into space and radiative ...
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