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2023-2024 El Nino Season 5th Strongest on Record Meaning

What do they mean by that? Did they mean that since 1900 when they recorded El Nino, the 2023-24 El NiƱo season was the fifth strongest on record recorded by World Meteorological Organization? While ...
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Why do clouds dissipate when mixing with dry air?

The energy for the the evaporation of cloud droplet generally comes from the thermal energy present in the droplets themselves The reason some clouds dissipate only partially is several-fold 1: the ...
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What's the default meaning of "Valid" in NOAA weather map?

The accepted answer correctly describes the meaning of the valid time for point forecasts, where a forecast is initialized at a particular time, and describes (is valid for) a second time. In this ...
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Why is there no middle ground between tornadoes and hurricanes?

there actually is a continuum of size , examples include mesovorticesa and remnant lows
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