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Why are nocturnal winter clouds so bright or so easily illuminated at night, compared to clouds in the summer?

In the winter when it's overcast, clouds at night are much brighter or more easily illuminated (unsure if they appear above cities/towns only) than in summer, making them look orange at night. I don't ...
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Urban heat island effect during winter time?

Say a given populated area is considered an "urban heat island", this would mean that during summer, temperatures will be higher in that area. But what about winter? One could argue that ...
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Are halcyon days an actual phenomenon?

According to Greek mythology, halcyon days are the seven days in winter when storms never occur. [Wikipedia] I assume that Ancient Greeks noticed a period in winter during which the weather was ...
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As small streams freeze solid, how can big rivers continue to carry water?

In areas of very cold temperatures (-20°C and below), it is not uncommon for small streams to freeze completely (as in, from top to bottom) and larger rivers to develop thick ice covers. However, ...
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Why is the ice on a frozen lake sometimes cracked?

The YouTube video Skating Lake Baikal, the world's deepest lake - BBC News shows a very heavily cracked lake. It doesn't just appear to be a fault line. It appears to be an actual crack that started ...
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How big of an event is needed to trigger a long winter?

Could a small meteor or natural nuclear explosion melt an ice cap on Earth to trigger a mini ice age without the event being observed by people? Can the Earth have an overlaying thermal cycle that ...
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Why does the frost depth increase when the surface temperature warms up?

We've had an unusual winter this year, with a late cold snap that is causing people's underground water lines to freeze. Now that the weather has warmed up quite a bit, even more people's lines are ...
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