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Curve number adjustment based on antecedent rainfall

Is there any equation I can use to determine curve number as a function of the antecedent precipitation? I am aware of three sets of curve numbers for dry, wet and normal conditions. I was looking at ...
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Where can I find high-resolution, historic weather data for urban areas (like ERA5 but higher spatial resolution)?

Pretty much what the title says. For my work I need historic (at least starting 2010), atmospheric weather data (mostly temperature at 2m, wind velocity and direction, humidity respectively dewpoint, ...
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Urban heat island effect during winter time?

Say a given populated area is considered an "urban heat island", this would mean that during summer, temperatures will be higher in that area. But what about winter? One could argue that ...
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How do we compensate the water that is being taken out of water cycle for curing of concrete in infra construction?

Concrete is the key ingredient to building housing, roads, and all kinds of infrastructure. Curing of concrete makes sure that the infra is rock solid and reliably durable and safe. But, it also ...
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Where do I get hourly temperature data for cities with a high resolution?

I want to do a project with very high resolution temperature data from a city (any city) with very high resolution (<10 m), in an attempt to create an animated 3D microclimate map for that city. ...
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What are the ranges of CO2 levels for inner cities and should CO2 be added to the air quality index?

I have a indoor $\small\mathsf{CO_2}$ monitor and putting it on my balcony it indicates values of 1400-2200 ppm for different days ? Is this even possible and what are the ranges of $\small\mathsf{...
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What is the meaning of nomalized difference Built-up index?

I know how to calculate it by remote sensing image, but why do we define this? What can we know about a remote sensing scene by this indicator? What's the connection between normalized difference ...
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Effect of urbanization on weather events

At what stage is the studies on effect of urbanization on weather events (eg: Rainfall, Temperature, UHI) are now? There has been a number of observational and modelling studies around the world and ...
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Should I cut buildings from flood zone? [closed]

At work (at a local authority), I have a flood zone plan/layer that was created using ArcGIS software from an Elevation Model which has an accuracy of 1 metre. The zone covers an urban area. I cannot ...
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Are there any high-resolution urban CO2 concentration data sets?

I gather that higher-than-ambient CO2 "domes" can form above urban areas, enhancing other local air pollution. Are there papers or datasets of average CO2 concentrations down at ground level (say 0-20 ...
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Is the urban heat island effect stronger during a particular season or part of the year?

It is known that cities tend to be warmer than the surrounding landscapes, and this is known as the "urban heat island effect". In the summer there is greater heat output from air conditioning ...
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